IANUS at the 2nd AIEE Energy Symposium



The 2nd AIEE Energy Symposium was held in Rome on 2-4 November at LUMSA university. The future of energy in terms of sources, security, supply and possible models was discussed within 21 concurrent sessions and 6 plenary sessions. Economics, finance, engineering, geopolitic, social and strategy experts were involved in a three-days of fruitful and very interesting discussion on the future of energy. Ianus participated in the session 13, chaired by Lucia Visconti Parisio of Bicocca university, with the presentation "Electricity Grid evolution in Europe pre-accession Countries: the Turkish case"; the proposed energy strategy for Turkey was presented, with a very interesting discussion with the participants in session. The event was a great occasion to implement new contacts in the huge network of energy related issues, with a particular focus on the international trends and future challenges.