Turkey: the 1 phase of IPA12 project is complete



The Closing Event of IPA12 Project was held in Ankara, on September 20th, in MENR premises and with the participation of DGRE, EMRA, MENR, World Bank, EU Affairs Delegation. The Project Managers of CS01, CS02, CS03 and CS04 presented the large work developed in the last 2 years in Turkey. The PM Antonio Moretti, and the Tasks experts Luca Napolitano, Antonio Carrano and Bertan Basak presented the CS02 Project achievements in the field of "Development of the renewable energy sector", including the assessment of the current situation in the Country, the appropriated guidelines for investors and developers in the RES sector, the business development services provided to SMEs for their RES projects, and the proposed Road Map and Strategy for the RES integration in Turkey.