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  • He was born in 1955. He acquired his license degree in 1979 at the İstanbul University, Faculty of Law. He became the Assistant to the Constitutional Law chair of Marmara University Faculty of Law in 1980. Again in 1979,he acquired his degree from Istanbul University Conservatory, in the area of Theatre. In the years1981-1983, he attended scientific research and studies programme in Nice University, in the branch of Law and Economics Faculty. In 1994, he acquired degree of Doctorate. In 1991-2002 he was deputy of Aydın at Grand National Assembly of Turkey, In 1999-2001 Minister of State (Privatization, Banking, European Union), In 2001-2002 Vice President of Grand National Assembly of Turkey. In 2001 he was given Honory Doctorate from Mimar Sinan University, and again in 2001 he received the highest award of Çanakkale 18 Mart University, due to his eminent services.
    He was also academic lecturer of Marmara University and Bahçeşehir University. He is member of the Bar of Ankara, Registration number is 12775. Owner of Yalova Law Office.
    Graduated in Political Science from LUISS, specializing in economic and financial policy. He has worked mainly abroad, particularly in Latin America and the Far East as a Trader, Sales Manager and Business Administrator in various sectors. Over the past 12 years has deepened its knowledge, acting as a business developer in the energy sector and in particular:

    • Production of energy from renewable sources
    • Cogeneration and trigeneration
    • Energy efficiency and energy savings
    • Application of project financing mechanisms in the energy sector
    • Regulatory and permitting procedures

    He has participated as an expert in international conferences and collaborated in numerous industry technical team to the development of feasibility studies for the construction of plants and systems for the production and distribution of energy.
    Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1973 at the University of Rome.
    Technical Coordinator of the Consortium (Italtel, Siemens, Alcatel, Landis & Gyr) for the development and deployment of the first ENEL project for the remote management of BT users.
    Member of the Board of Directors of the Consortium Considi (Landis & Gyr, Elsag Bailey, Telettra) for the implementation of the system of National Remote network for MT distribution of Enel.
    Sales Director of Landis & Gyr Italy Spa
    Executive Head of Customer Service and Energy Balance of ACEA Distribution - Rome.
    Managing Director of the Company consortium Acestes (ACEA Distribution, bTicino, Siemens Metering) for the implementation of the system of Smart Meters in the city of Rome (1.5 million users),
    CEO at Iskraemeco of Italy, for electricity meters.
    Currently he is Director and / or consultant for companies (Rome, Milan, Udine, Imola) operating in the field of applied information technology and the rational use of electric energy
    Founder (2004) and Vice President of the Association Operational WINCOMERS - World Institute for Reading Meters and Network Control Systems, Technical sponsor of the circuit ENERGETHICA FAIRS.
    Inspector of GSE - Energy Services Manager - for verification of renewable energy installations.
    CT313 member of the CEI - Italian Electrotechnical Committee - Intelligent networks for "smart grid".
    Camilla Sica was born in Rome in 1975. Graduated in Law in 2002 at Sapienza University of Rome, from 2008 she is enrolled in the National Lawyers Register; in 2011 she has obtained a Master degree in Environmental Law at Sapienza University of Rome. From 2007 she is consultant in environmental law for Numa SrL, and from 2010 works as lawyer at Studio Partini in Rome. From 2000 to 2010 she has collaborated with Studio Ussani D'Escobar (Rome), as legal apprenticeship and then as lawyer. Her activity framework includes the sportive law (in particular work relations), the administrative and commercial law (tenders and contracts), the civil and real estate law (management of private and public real estate patrimonies), and the environmental law, where she specifically deals with consultancy for photovoltaic and eholic companies, authorizations and waste, environmental compensation.
    Electrical Engineer, he began his activity in ENEL in 1974 at the National Centre for Studies and Projects. Expert in Procurement and feasibility studies, he was representative of the DCO / Headquarters, and Coordinator at the Electric Service for the Thermal Plant industry. For Terna SpA has been Head of Unit "Development network and relationship with third party" within the function realization and systems development, with the task of ensuring the technical management of relations with GRTN for the implementation of the development plan network, management of relationships with third parties for connections, engineering, supervision of the authorization process at ministerial level ensuring relations with ministries and agencies with national competence. Since 2010 he is the coordinator for the Terna Engineering team in the Unit Committees RTN Function Planning Investments for the preliminary evaluation of the solutions feasibility for connecting new facilities to the RTN and RTN project evaluation standards for the granting of authorizations.
    Engineering Consultant operating  in the Energy field with particular focus on Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Micro Grids, Automation and in general Sustainable application. Mechanical Engineer, specialized in Automation and Energy field and with particular experience in Electrical field andPhotovoltaic Systems.His technical background is the Engineering Sector (Smart Grid, Smart City and Smart Building, and  previously in the Oil & Gas sector as process engineer in fossil power plants), as well as in Consulting (Prefeasibility, Feasibility, Design, Specifications and Development paying particular attention to the  selection of technologies and applications), and skilled in technical and in development activities both in the Italian and in the International markets. In about 10-years of experience he cooperated with  in different type of organizations, such as Consulting Company, Engineering Company, Business Development Company, University, Public Utility and also as free lance. He operated both with Italian and International clients, in particular: electrical utilities, public administrations, private companies, and European funds. 
    Past President of INEPAR Energia do Brasil and SADEFEM, 40 years of experience in the Brazilian electric and energy sector.Large experience of business development in the electric sector - generation, distribution and transmission, in Brazil and South America.
    Senior Legal Consultant in the Energy Law and Regulation area. She has 28 years of professional experience working for International Institutions, National Regulatory Authorities and energy companies. She has performed directive and managerial tasks in particular as Head of the Geneva Office of the IAEA and as Senior Project Manager of the Mediterranean Project. During her professional experience she reviewed different national legal and regulatory frameworks for the energy sectors and she analysed the proposals for the harmonization of national legislation to that of the EU. She also matured excellent experience in capacity building and assistance in drafting of secondary legislation and reviewing primary legislation in the field of energy. She regularly advises on the review of existing energy legislation and its conformity to EU directives, interacting with and assisting local institutions at different levels. She has resided in Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and since 2006 she is a resident of Geneva (Switzerland).
    Process engineer with a 10 years experience in the review and preparation of process diagrams (PFDs) and ride (P&IDs) relating to oil and gas installations; process simulations with PRO/II software and editing of material and heat balances; verification and dimensioning of plant equipment and instrumentation. Her area of expertise covers the entire field of process engineering, metering skid (design and construction) and installation of turnkey plants. Expert in the water industry, deals with the specific business for the resource management policies and advise on possible technological solutions. She is responsible for the management of international tenders and the management of the relationship with the business development partner