IANUS was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals with different backgrounds, from large and small companies, universities, public administration. Due to the high profile of experience and managerial skills of the partners, associates and collaborators we can cover all aspects of the energy business and utilities, including transversal ICT, organization and management. We develop energy efficiency projects, smartness, renewable and infrastructure systems, offering consulting services that provide technical, economic and humanistic skills system.
Our partners have worked in developing and building projects for over 50.000 MW in Italy and abroad, and more than 3.000 km of transmission lines in Europe, North Africa and Brazil; they also created and followed several research projects in Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey.
Franco Remondino was born in 1938. He graduated in Electrical Engineering. He is currently Managing Partner in NUMA SRL. He deals with Project Management in fields like energy, co-generation and biomass. He has been working on these issues both at national level (Toscana, Marche, Veneto) and at international (Slovene, Austria, USA). As Vice-President of ISIS International Strategic Information Services - Consulting Co. he was engaged in searching and identifying the new business opportunities raising from the liberalization of Italian Electricity Market. He has been in ENEL as Vice- President ofthe International Department and previously as person in charge for the New York office.
He has a good grasp of technical issues related to power plants and of fuel procurement issues. His activity was characterized by experience in management and planning in large Italian companies and in foreign head offices, where the most traditional energy issues are crossing the most innovative ones.
Pietro Palopoli was born in 1949. He graduated in Engineering. He has been working for more than 25 years in various companies of Finsiel Group, where he held professional and managerial positions, with responsibilities of resources and results, budget and business development.
His activity has been addressed to Corporations and Public Administrations, in Italy and abroad. For long time he has been dealing with issues like: network systems, systems quality, command and control systems in real time, CRM systems, trans-national cooperative networks, GIS/GPS applications, Data Quality, network systems security, BPM/R. He implemented projects like the system DSX/IBM, the trans-national network SOSENET, the CUP of Bologna, the public information systems FSINFORMA, the INPDAP system for the Italian civil servants pensions , CRM/TSF systems.
He is engaged in projects and solutions development, addressing also the most recent issues of Smart Grid and convergence of Energy and Information Systems.
Antonio Moretti was born in 1946. He graduated in Nuclear Engineering and completed his education with master in BusinessAntonio Moretti Administration, System Engineering and Project Financing.
Antonio is interested in Engineering and Development of Electrical Infrastructure, Smart Grid, New Business Development and Internationalization.
He is currently Senior Consultant at TERNA SpA ( the Italian TSO), for Generation and International Power System issues related to Interconnection between North Africa and Europe, and at the UNCTAD (United Nations Agency), for foreign investments attraction assessment in Central America.
He has been working in ENEL for 28 years and where he left in 2001 as Vice President of Enelpower for International Project Development; in ENEL, he has been engaged in planning, design and implementation of electrical systems and has developed and led many projects in the Utilities and Energy Planning sectors, in Europe, Latin America, former Soviet Union, Asia, South-East Europe and Mediterranean Countries.
As Senior Consultant of Cesi and as a freelance, he led and developed several projects of Consultancy Services related to Electricity Market Restructuring , Electricity System Integration and Renewables Deployment.
He provides a thorough understanding of the technical, legal, institutional, regulatory, operating, economic and financial aspects of Power Systems and its evolution from both of point of view of the investor’s interest and the consultant for the planning Actors.
Paolo Coppa was born in 1950. He graduated in Physic. He is full professor of Industrial Technical Physics in the Department of MechanicalEngineering of University of Rome Tor Vergata.
He was President of the Comitee for the assessment of feasibility of a trigeneration biomass plant (electricity generation, heat and cold); he has been a founding member of AIPT (Italian Association Termophysical Properties) where in 2004 he became President.
Moreover, from 2008 he is President of the Comitee of University for Guidance, and he is also the delegate of the Rector for the placement and SOUL project (Guidance System University Work).
He has been consultant for the Public Administration and for Confindustria, for initiatives in the energy field on the local level, and he has promoted the development of private projects in the fields of Heating, Energy Efficiency and planning of biomass plants, renewable energies and the related study of environmental impact.
Gaia Moretti was born in 1983. She graduated in Philosophy. She is PhD in Communication Sciences and Complex Organizations at LUMSA University in Rome. She is member of CRESEC – Research Center in Social Responsibility, Events and Communication at LUMSA; she is also member of GP-edu, Research Group on Digitial Education at UNISINOS University - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and member of LABECOS, Lab on Communication, Education and Sociability at UNIFOR, University of Fortaleza, Brazil. She collaborates with the centres developing research activities in the fields of digital society and organizational web-based learning. She is currently Professor of Marketing and Communication at ISCEM (Instituto Superior de Comunicação Empresarial) in Lisbon, where she held as Head of the International Office. The consultancy activity turns to these companies that require planning and realization of training activities and managerial training, organizational communication and development of communication campaigns and plans, and support for human resources management. She deals with EU planning, in the field of EU Calls for research projects (7 FP, Europe Aid, International Cooperation and others) and SMEs start up.
Giampiero Caliento was born in 1948. He graduated in Philosophy. He is business consultant and he has been Manager in Formez, Head of Institutional and External Relations office.
In 1986 the Minister for Extraordinary Interventions in the South has instructed him for the organization and direction of the sector “Training and Technical Supporting to new companies” in the Committee for the Development of Young Entrepreneurship (law 44).
He has been professor of Business Economics at University of Molise, Faculty of Economics. He has been expert of Institute of Treccani Italian Encyclopaedia for the South problems and for politics of business creation. In 1990 the professor Giorgio Fuà has called him in the Technical Scientific Committee of ISTAO (Adriano Olivetti Study Institute for Economic and Business Management) He was professor for several courses, such as: Master in Business Management (SDOA); Master in Business Management (Tagliacarne Institute); Master in Hospitality Management (Novum Mediterraneum); Updating Training for Principals and Professors of Higher Education (Ministry of Public Education); Updating Training for Manager and Executives (Ministry of Labour).
Gianfranco Sica was born in 1941. He graduated in Engineering. He is expert in design and management of O&M systems for Power Plants, inthe project development for the electric sector and operating electric power generating plants, and in the management of energy project development. Moreover, he is interested in the area of biomass and alternative combustibles. He has been worked directly in project development in NUMA SRL and GSE SpA, where he has dealt with development of interconnected power lines with Austria and Slovene. In ENEL he was Head of the Continuous Performance Improvement Program.
Electric Engineer, with a strong and large experience in Business and Project Development (Mediterranean and Latin America area), and in electric plants. He was "President Director" of Enelpower Brasil (2004 - 2006); person in charge for the plants at Kyoto Protocol in China (2007); senior responsible of the nuclear project Flamanville (France) for Enel (2008 - 2011).