IANUS offers a wide range of services including:

  • Business and Project Development
  • Management Consulting and Project Management
  • Owner's Engineering
  • Front-end and System Engineering
  • Electrical, Control and Thermal Engineering
  • Smart City, Systems, Grids Projects and Solutions
  • Support to the business re-organization and training paths
  • Support to the internationalization processes; supporting planning of EU projects, Horizon 2020 and tenders; specific training and coaching on Europe work program me, guidelines and policies, financing and projects
  • ICT Consulting 
  • Energy Management
  • Communication and Training
  • Research and Development 

IANUS is collaborating with several companies, professionals and communities in different busyness fields; from energy to environment, from academic research to ICT process, training and others. Based on this cooperation an actual and working network has been set up. A rich, complex, dynamic network.